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Patient-Driven Hearing Care

All of our audiologists are dedicated to improving the hearing of our patients. While anyone can sell you a hearing aid, the audiologists at Alamance ENT will conduct a full hearing exam, answer all your questions, and find a hearing solution that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Patient-Driven Hearing Care

Meet Our Audiologist

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  • Sherrie A. Pelkey - Audiologist - Burlington, Mebane, NC

    Sherrie A. Pelkey

    Au.D., CCC-A

  • Sarah C. Pelletier - Audiologist - Burlington, Mebane, NC

    Sarah C. Pelletier

    Au.D., CCC-A

  • John Ballance - Audiologist - Burlington, Mebane, NC

    John Ballance

    MS, CCC-A

  • Jodi Hogan - Audiologist - Burlington, Mebane, NC

    Jodi Hogan

    MS, CCC-A

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